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Grasping The Future With Touch Bionics by Össur

iLimb Bertolt

Professor Bertolt Meyer was born without a left forearm. Thanks to the modern technology of Touch Bionics by Össur he now lives a nearly normal life, and studies the interface between humans and technology.

In a recent episode of 9:11 Magazine Bertolt Meyer spoke with Porsche about how a piece of technology changed his feeling of self worth:

Bertolt Meyer is a professor at the Chemnitz University of Technology, though some might recognize him as Frank, the world's first real bionic man and star of the popular documentary The Incredible Bionic Man. Not only was Bertolt the host of the documentary, the bionic man's face was modeled after a 3D scan of Bertolt's face. The film is meant to showcase the current state of medical bionic technology, representing how far we have come in replacing parts of the human body. Bertolt wears the latest bionic hand technology offered by Touch Bionics by Össur: the i-limb quantum.

Touch Bionics by Össur is now available in South Africa, speak to your prosthetist today or get in touch with Össur for more information about the technology.