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More Dynamics With New Additions To The Pro-Flex Family: Pro-Flex LP Torsion and Pro-Flex XC Torsion

Pro flex Family South Africa

Last year, we launched Pro-Flex®, a mechanical foot that combines a 93% increase in peak ankle power with an 82% increase in range of ankle motion to reduce sound-side loads by 11% compared to a conventional energy storing and return foot. Leveraging the original design, we created two additional prosthetic feet to suit the needs of a wider population: Pro-Flex LP and Pro-Flex XC.

Meet The New Pro-Flex XC Torsion and Pro-Flex LP Torsion

Pro Flex XC LP Torsion with Unity 17555

Now, we are pleased to announce that the Pro-Flex family is growing even more! Our latest additions are: Pro-Flex XC Torsion and Pro-Flex LP Torsion. Prosthetic feet with torsion help prevent movement between the socket and residual limb, reducing shear stress on the residual limb. Additionally, a strong coupling between limb and socket gives the user more control over their prosthesis, which improves comfort and residual limb health (Heitzmann & Pieschel, 2016).

Unique Anatomical Design Enhances Physically Correct Gait

proflex toe5All Pro-Flex feet feature a unique and proprietary 3-blade design with a footblade that incorporates a full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe. This innovative design helps generate exceptional toe-off energy and a fluid, natural progression from heel strike to toe-off.

The new torsion models couple the mechanical power of Össur’s Pro-Flex design with shock absorption and rotational capabilities to facilitate a smooth gait and reduce shear forces on residual limbs, thereby helping to protect the user’s sound side, so they may pursue a life without limitations.

ProFlex XC Torsion Technology

ProFlex LP Torsion Technology

30 Day Trial Össur

Pro-Flex test-before-you-buy trial program

Investing in the right prosthetic foot is a very important decision and we want you to have complete peace of mind when selecting one of our feet. This is why you can now experience the benefits of our Pro-Flex foot range - without having to commit to buy. Please click here to contact us and learn more about this unique trial program.

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