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Functional Healing

Our seal of approval – your guarantee for a validated healing solution that maximizes mobility.

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The benefits of Functional Healing

Maintaining functionality

Designed to harvest the healing power of mobility while minimizing the effect on daily living.


Promoting Healing

Designed to optimize and promote effective healing while maintaining mobility.


Optimizing the End Result

Promoting healing with the aim of full recovery and minimal residual effect on functionality.

Functional Healing
A range of solutions that enhance the body's natural healing process


Rebound® Cartilage

Rebound Cartilage is a protective functional solution designed to support knee cartilage healing after procedures such as Microfracture, OATS and (M)ACI.

Rebound Cartilage


Rebound® Diabetic Walker

Uniquely designed for effective treatment of plantar foot ulcers, the Rebound Diabetic Walker enables easy access and re-fitting during wound care, while improving the patient's mobility during the healing process.

Rebound Diabetic Walker


Mobilizing the Healing Process

Backed by a solid 40 years of biomechanical experience, Functional Healing products incorporate proprietary technologies and are specially designed to supplement current treatment options. They are developed for use in specific indication based protocols, and boast clinical validation in form of proven clinically relevant outcomes.