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Formfit® Post-Op Knee

Formfit® Post-Op Knee


Formfit Post-Op Knee provides range of motion control and immobilization following injury or surgery. Length adjustment is tool free and easy. The low profile ROM hinge can be adjusted with a simple pull, rotate and release motion. Wide range of flexion and extension settings allow you to choose the optimal range of motion.

Features and benefits

  • Breakaway struts for easy, tool free length adjustment
  • OneTouch™ easy to adjust ROM hinge with lock-out capability from -10° to 30° (10° incremental)
  • Extension control from -10° to 90° (10° incremental)
  • Flexion control from 0° to 120° (10° incremental)
  • Available in 3 models, 3 lengths, and cool or full foam

Indications for use

  • Post-op/post-injury ROM control or immobilization. Indicated for ligament and fracture-related surgeries and when controlled range of motion is necessary

Order Information

Formfit Post-Op Knee
Description Thigh Circumfrence Cool Full Foam
Knee PO Cool Reg 24in DL UP TO 27” (69cm) FPOK403100 FPOK403200
Knee PO CoolXL 24in DL 27” – 35” (69-89cm) FPOK403102 FPOK403202
Knee PO Cool Reg 28in DL UP TO 27” (69cm) FPOK403101 FPOK403201
Knee PO Cool XL 28in DL 27” – 35” (69-89cm) FPOK403103 POK403203
Knee PO Full Reg 16in DL UP TO 27” (69cm) - FPOK403300
Knee PO Full XL 16in DL 27” – 35” (69-89cm) - FPOK403301
* Measure thigh circumference 15 cm (6”) above mid patella
Soft Goods
Description Cool Description Cool Full Foam
Replacement Softgood, Regular 403175 403275
Replacement Softgood, XL 403176 403277
Replacement Softgood, Regular Long 403276 403278
Description Part#
ROM stop locks (set of 20 lock clips) B-8380005
Strap Reduction Kit Cool 403199
Strap Reduction Kit Full Foam 403299
Formfit Post-Op Knee
Part# Foam Size Thigh Circumfrence Length
FPOK403100i Cool Regular Up to 69cm 57.5cm
FPOK403101i Cool Regular/Long Up to 69cm 66cm
FPOK403102i Cool XLarge 69 - 89cm 57.5cm
FPOK403200i Full Regular Up to 69cm 57.5cm
* Measure thigh circumference 15cm above mid patella
Soft Goods
Description Cool Description Cool Full Foam
403175 Cool Replacement Softgood, Regular
403176 Cool Replacement Softgood, XL
403276 Cool Replacement Softgood, Regular/Long
403275 Full Replacement Softgood, Regular