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Miami LSO

Miami LSO


Miami LSO is a spinal orthosis designed for pain relief, protection of injured ligaments or muscles and post-surgical immobilization. It provides low-profile, anatomical immobilization, easy fit and wear, options for modular support and an advanced pulley system with a length adjustable pulley cord.

Indications for Use

Conditions requiring gross immobilization of the trunk in the lumbar region. Such conditions may include stable, non-displaced spinal fractures (L1-L5); Spinal stenosis; Herniated discs; Degenerative spinal pathologies; Spondylolisthesis; Spondylolysis.

Product Highlights

  • Universal/size adjustable belt
  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Low profile and discreet
  • Anatomically correct panels contour the back and reduce pressure points, improve comfort, stabilization and compliance
  • Customizable, modular system provides the ability to step up or step down the support level to satisfy the immobilization needs of any patient
  • Compression system with easy to use and adjustable pulley handles
  • Quick Fit Tools ensure a perfect fit every time

Order Information

OPTION 1: Order braces for inventory

Miami LSO Belt
Size Waist Circumference Part #
6" Universal (Slim)26-50” (66-127 cm)MLSO-1
8" Universal (Standard)26-50” (66-127 cm) MLSO-2
6" (Slim) Belt Extension26-70” (66-177 cm)MLSO-1EXT
8" (Standard) Belt Extension 26-70” (66-177 cm)MLSO-2EXT
Contoured Posterior Panel
SizeWaist CircumferencePart #
Small (S)26-34” (66-86 cm) MLSO-P11
Medium (M)34-38” (86-96 cm)MLSO-P21
Large (L)38-50” (96-127 cm)MLSO-P31
Extra Large (XL) 50-66" (127-167 cm)MLSO-P41
Contoured Posterior Panel With Lateral Supports
SizeWaist CircumferencePart #
Small (S)26-34” (66-86 cm) MLSO-P12
Medium (M)34-38” (86-96 cm)MLSO-P22
Large (L)38-50” (96-127 cm)MLSO-P32
Extra Large (XL) 50-66" (127-167 cm)MLSO-P42
Standard Posterior Panel
SizePart #
New Universal Posterior
TypePart #
with LateralMLSO-P55
without LateralMLSO-P57
Anterior Panel
SizePart #
6" Panel (Slim)MLSO-PA6
8" Panel (Standard)MLSO-PA8

OPTION 2: Order a brace as a kit

With New Universal Posterior +/- Anterior
Belt Width (X)X = 1 (6" Slim) or 2 (8" Standard)
Posterior Panel (Y) Y = 5 (Universal)
Posterior Panel Type (Z)Z = 5 (Universal w/ lats) or 7 (Universal no lats)
Anterior Option (A) A = 1 (Anterior panel) or 2 (No Anterior)

Note: The standard posterior panel is alwas recommended when no other posterior panel is being used.

With Contoured or Standard Posterior +/- Anterior
Belt Width (X)X = 1 (6" Slim) or 2 (8" Standard)
Posterior Panel (Y) Y = 1 (S), 2 (M), 3 (L), 4 (XL) or 5 (Standard)
Posterior Panel Type (Z) Z = 1 (Contoured), 2 (Contoured w/ lats), or 6 (Standard)
Anterior Option (A) A = 1 (Anterior Panel) or 2 (No Anterior Panel)
Össur Fit Tool
Part #

Part Number= MLSO-XYZA, X=Belt, Y= Posterior Panel Size, Z= Posterior Panel Type, A= Anterior Panel Option