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How might knee osteoarthritis affect my life?

Osteoarthritis can cause different levels of pain for different people. Knee osteoarthritis can create a vicious circle, where the pain and loss of movement causes sufferers to become less active often resulting in weight gain, which in turn can make the arthritis worse.

Living with chronic (on going) pain may lead to difficulties in working. It can sometimes contribute to depression and the impact may be felt throughout your family. That’s why it is important to seek help.

Who gets osteoarthritis?
Does exercising help?
Is the Unloader One knee brace a substitute for knee surgery?
How does the Unloader work?

The Unloader One applies a gentle force design to reduce the pressure on the affected part of the knee , resulting in reduction in pain and thus allowing the patient to use the knee normally and more frequently.

Image: 'Unloading' the damaged area of the knee

Untreated, the cartilage will gradually wear down. The increased pressure on the underlying bone is the cause of the pain experienced by most osteoarthritis (OA) sufferers. The wear and tear on the cartilage will gradually cause the knee to become painful and feel stiff when moving.