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After surgery: Scar mobilisation

Sometimes as your body heals scar tissue adheres to the soft tissues and bone beneath it. This can cause skin problems and pain when you’re wearing the prosthesis, so we recommend the following technique to help keep the skin and scar tissue supple and free of adhesions. You may experience some pain when you do this, but you should persist, as it can help prevent future pain and skin problems when you’re starting to walk with your prosthesis.

  • Place two fingers over the area where you can feel the bone beneath the skin of your residual limb, press firmly and move your fingers in a circular motion, but without moving them in relation to the skin. This helps move the skin away from the underlying tissue.
  • Continue this procedure around all the bony areas of your residual limb.
  • Initially, do NOT massage the sutured area and unhealed scar tissue. Once your scar has healed, you may use this procedure to free up the scar area.
  • Try to do this for 15 to 20 minutes, three times a day, until fully mobilised.