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Flex-Foot Cheetah®

Flex-Foot Cheetah®


A true champion – The only prosthetic foot that has ever run the Olympics.

The Cheetah was the first sport foot of it’s kind when first launched in 1996. Ever since the Cheetah has been the foot of choice for athletes around the globe.

Cheetah is recommended for longer distance running for TT users that do not have clearance for Flex-Run with Nike Sole. For sprinting the new Team Össur favorites, Cheetah Xtreme and Cheetah Xtend are recommended.

Impact Levels

Impact LevelExample


Activities involving running, track and field, sprinting, and long-distance running.

Example: Track and field sports.



Active Tibial Progression

Proportional Response

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Flex-Foot Cheetah Specifications

Flex-Foot Cheetah® Product Information
Warranty Information
Amputation Level:



Impact Level: Extreme
Build Height: 411mm (16 3/8")
Categories: 1-9
Sizes: One Size Per Category
Weight Of Foot: 512g (18.1oz)
Adapter Options: Lamination Connector
Flex Foot Characteristics:

active tibial progression

proportional response

Flex-Foot Cheetah® Features

Active Tibial Progression

Active Tibial Progression

Vertical forces generated at heel contact are stored and translated into a linear motion described as Active Tibial Progression. This action reduces the need to actively push the body forward using the contralateral foot and also equalizes stride length.

Benefit: More natural gait and reduced walking effort.

Proportional Response

Proportional Response

The layering of carbon fiber, optimized through extensive computer analysis and mechanical testing, ensures that the deflection of the carbon fiber heel and forefoot components are proportional to the user’s weight and impact level.

Benefit: Customized construction optimizes walking efficiency thus reducing fatigue for the user.