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The new and improved RHEO KNEE® XC comes with a number of new features, including ENHANCED STABILITY CONTROL, NEW EXTERIOR and NEW SMART EXTENSION. Moreover, the The Össur Logic App, already equipped with access to activity reports and settings for clinical use, now provides essential training exercises for users, enabling them to practice different movements from rehab to home and quickly gain confidence in their new prosthetic limb. Go to Features for more.

Smooth Walking

Automatic Cycling Recognition

Obstacle Avoidance

Step-Over-Step Stair Ascent

Smooth Transition To Running

RHEO KNEE® XC comes with the Össur Logic App

RHEO KNEE® XC comes with Össur Logic software, which enables professionals to easily adjust the functionality for each user and access valuable activity reports.

In addition to checking knee status and battery charge level, the new, enhanced user mode offers access to a specially designed training program. The Össur Logic training feature supports clinicians to empower users, providing easy exercises that can be done in rehab and subsequently at home, at a pace to suit the individual. Helping to improve confidence and gait, the exercises include symmetric weight bearing, rolling over the toe, more symmetric sitting down and stair descent.

The Össur Logic App is available free of charge in the App Store, for devices with iOS 9.0 and subsequent releases.

RHEO KNEE® XC Training Videos

Click on any of the clips below to access the training exercises available in the The Össur Logic App.

Are you a RHEO KNEE XC user but you don‘t have access to an iOS device? Download & Print the training program sheet to practice the exercises at home, in your own time. Make sure to ask your clinicians for guidance to perform them correctly.

For Prosthetists / Medical Professionals

We do things differently. That’s why, while other leading microprocessor knees still employ traditional hydraulic solutions, RHEO KNEE XC features the cutting-edge, highly-responsive magnetorheologic technology popularized by the aerospace and automotive industries. And that makes all the difference.

With RHEO KNEE XC you can choose not just a product, but a full solution tailored to each individual user profile.

For the most dynamic experience for users returning to their daily activities, we recommend RHEO KNEE XC with Pro-Flex® and Iceross Seal-In.

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Pro-Flex combines nearly double the range of motion and energy return of a conventional carbon fiber foot with a more natural center of pressure. This is the ideal combination for people who want to enhance their mobility and return to regular activities and to a dynamic lifestyle.

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NEW ÖSSUR LOGIC APP - easy data access, now also with training exercises

NEW ENHANCED STABILITY CONTROL - easier transition from mechanical and other micro-processor knees

NEW EXTERIOR - now more robust, easier access to charging port

NEW SMART EXTENSION - to reduce load on the sound side

Advanced Rehab capabilities, including:

ENHANCED AUTOMATIC CYCLING RECOGNITION Cycling is recognised even at slow cadence



WALK-TO-RUN seamless transition



ADVANCED KINEMATIC SENSORS accelerometer, gyroscope


STABLE even when taking small steps and stepping Backwards

For more information, support and documentation, visit the RHEO KNEE XC product page.

*Do not submerse, or expose to chlorinated or salt water.

Clinical Data

Clinically relevant +78 meter increase in average distance walked during 6 Minute Walk Test (6MWT)

Subjects reported feeling less tired after 6MWT on RHEO KNEE XC than on their previous MPK

Improved satisfaction in functioning compared to previous MPK (3.59 versus 3.07 on PEQ MS 12/5 scale of 0-4)

Sigurjónsson, B., Ikelaar L, Lindgren K, Langlois D, Lechler K, A new microprocessor-controlled knee significantly improves mobility and function in high active TF amputees compared to their previous MPK; OT World Congress 2016 Leipzig, Germany Lecture Research/Practical [5905] Abstract [1872].


RHEO KNEE XC comes with software that lets users quickly check knee status and battery charge level. A professional mode also enables clinicians to easily adjust the functionality for each user and access valuable activity reports. Software is available for PC and iOS devices (iOS8 or later), and communicates wirelessly with Windows PC and iOS devices via Bluetooth.

RHEO KNEE XC supports users from their first steps in early rehabilitation all the way through their return to daily activity. For users with the potential for more demanding activity, RHEO KNEE XC has the capability to help them go anywhere. Check out the videos below to witness the full potential of RHEO KNEE XC.